Build Project

Now we have a build file, build the project as follows:

java -cp cljs.jar:src clojure.main build.clj

On Windows:

java -cp "cljs.jar;src" clojure.main build.clj

We invoke java and set the classpath to our JAR and the directory where our ClojureScript code lives. The clojure.main argument in this case allows us to easily execute a Clojure file.

Debug Note: If you encounter an error about not being found, make sure that you didn't write (require ''), many popular text editors will emit a matching single quote even in their Clojure mode.

Control should return to the shell relatively quickly and you will have an out directory with compiled JavaScript including your simple program. You will see that many files were produced in addition to the out/main.js we specified. We'll explain this momentarily but first let's see how you can easily include the compiled output on a web page.

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