Form Click Handler

Our form doesn’t do anything, but because we know about cursors, we can now add a click handler to our Save button.

Add an :onClick handler for the form button

call preventDefault on the event to prevent React from updating the state after each keypress in the form. The state should only update when we press the Submit button.

Add some dummy data in the form, or just press Submit to see a new session appear.

Reveal answer...

(defn session-add [cursor component]
    (render [_]
      (dom/div nil
        (dom/h3 nil "New Session")
        (dom/form #js {:className "form-horizontal"}
          (dom/input #js {:type "text"
                          :className "form-control"
                          :placeholder "Session Title"})
          (dom/input #js {:type "text"
                          :className "form-control"
                          :placeholder "Speaker Name"})
          (dom/textarea #js {:className "form-control"
                             :placeholder "Session Description"
                             :rows "5"})
          (dom/input #js {:type "text"
                          :className "form-control"
                          :placeholder "Speaker Biography"})
          (dom/input #js {:type "text"
                          :className "form-control"
                          :placeholder "Twitter Handle"})
          (dom/input #js {:type "text"
                          :className "form-control"
                          :placeholder "Github Handle"})
          (dom/input #js {:type "text"
                          :className "form-control"
                          :placeholder "Twitter Handle"})
          (dom/button #js {:className "btn btn-primary"
                             (fn [e]
                               (.preventDefault e)
                               (om/transact! cursor :sessions
                                 (fn [session]
                                   ((fnil conj []) session
                                    {:title "title placeholder"
                                     :description "description placeholder"
                                     :speaker-name "speaker name placeholder"
                                     :speaker-biography "speaker biography placeholder"
                                     :twitter-handle "twitter placeholder"
                                     :github-handle "github placeholder"
                                     :speaker-website "website placeholder"}))))}


You can double check the form is working by evaluating the @app-state in the REPL or your editor

fnil is a function that let’s you define a default behaviour when the argument is nil. So if the session data is nil in the above example, then we conjoin the empty vector

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