Adding Session Data to State

Use the sessions defined for john, kris and bug and add them to the state.

Add sessions to the state

Using the names of the session we just defined, add the sessions to the state using the REPL or add to the core.cljs and evaluate the code.

Use the swap! function to update the app-state. See the section on interacting with the REPL

The update function can be used to add values to an existing key.

Reveal answer...

(swap! app-state update :sessions conj john)

(swap! app-state update :sessions conj kris)

(swap! app-state update :sessions conj bug)


Using the comment reader macro, #_, you can add code to your Clojurescript file for test the application and avoid that code being evaluated each time the file is saved.

Placing your cursor at the end of the expression will allow you to evaluate it in your editor, even though it is commented out.

If the state gets messy or something goes wrong, then you can also reset the state:

(reset! app-state {:conference-name "ClojureX" :sessions []})

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