Add Session Style

To make it easier to read the individual sessions, add a style called panel. To make it interesting use a primary-panel style or one of the other coloured panels.

Add the Panel Prime style to each session

Edit the src/clojurex/cljs/core.cljs file and update the root-component to include the panel style for each session

Reveal answer...

(defn root-component [app owner]
    (render [_]
      (dom/div #js {:className "container"}
        (dom/h1 #js {:className "jumbotron"} (:conference-name app))
        (for [session (:sessions app)]
          (dom/div #js {:className "panel panel-primary"}
            (dom/h1 #js {:className "panel-heading"} (:title session))
            (dom/div #js {:className "panel-body"}
              (dom/h3 nil (str "By " (:speaker-name session)))
              (dom/div nil (:description session))
              (dom/hr nil)
              (dom/div nil (str "About " (:speaker-name session) ":"))
              (dom/div nil (:speaker-biography session))
              (dom/div nil (:twitter-handle session))
              (dom/div nil (:github-handle session))
              (dom/div nil (:speakers-website session)))))))))

Take a look at your page and the sessions should all be wrapped by a panel.

ClojureX Project - Bootstrap jumbotron

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