Add Header Style

To make our conference name standout, we are going to add a style. In Bootstrap a common header style is called Jumbotron

Add the Jumbotron style to the heading

Edit the src/clojurex/cljs/core.cljs file and update the root-component to include the jumbotron style for the conference name

Include any additional div elements if neccessary

Reveal answer...

The jumbotron style can be added to the h1 element that displays the conference name:

(dom/h1 #js {:className "jumbotron"} (:conference-name app))

If the heading is going to contain more than one dom element, then you would introduce a new div element with the jumbotron style. This new div element would contain the h1 element and any others for the heading.

(dom/div #js {:className "jumbotron"}
  (dom/h1 (:conference-name app)))

Take a look at your page and the heading should stand out much more.

ClojureX Project - Bootstrap jumbotron

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