Add A Container

You may have noticed that the text on the web page is right up against the left hand side of the browser. This doesnt look great.

Add div with a container style around our whole page

Find or create a suitable div element and add the bootstrap className called container

Reveal answer...

Add the container style to the top-most div element as follows:

(dom/div #js {:className "container"} 

The most suitable div is the first one in the render function call of the root-component function. This div effectively wraps the whole page.

(defn root-component [app owner]
    (render [_]
      (dom/div #js {:className "container"}
        (dom/h1 nil (:conference-name app))
        (for [session (:sessions app)]
          (dom/div nil
            (dom/h1 nil (:title session))
            (dom/h3 nil (str "By " (:speaker-name session)))
            (dom/p nil (:description session))
            (dom/hr nil)
            (dom/p nil (str "About " (:speaker-name session) ":"))
            (dom/p nil (:speaker-biography session))
            (dom/p nil (:twitter-handle session))
            (dom/p nil (:github-handle session))
            (dom/p nil (:speakers-website session))))))))

After applying the comtainer, there is now a margin around the content

ClojureX Project - Adding a Container

React Styles

We are writing style in Clojurescript using maps, however we need to convert those styles to Javascript so that react can process them correctly.

Om provides the #js macro that will convert our Clojurescript maps to the Javascript equivalents.

(dom/div #js {:className "bootstrap-style-name"})

To minimise the conversion, we use the Javascript naming convention for the style names, eg. className

You could also put the container style in the index.html page, especially if you were to have multiple roots in your om project.

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