Scripting with Component

I highly recommend Stuart Sierra's component library to compose all the services you will need in your development process.

Here is an example of creating a Figwheel component and composing it with a Ring server component to serve your application.

 '[figwheel-sidecar.repl-api :as ra]
 '[com.stuartsierra.component :as component]
 '[ring.component.jetty :refer [jetty-server]])

(def figwheel-config
   {:figwheel-options {} ;; <-- figwheel server config goes here 
    :build-ids ["dev"]   ;; <-- a vector of build ids to start autobuilding
    :all-builds          ;; <-- supply your build configs here
    [{:id "dev"
      :figwheel true
      :source-paths ["src/main"]
      :compiler {:main "example.core"
                 :asset-path "/out"
                 :output-to "resources/public/main.js"
                 :output-dir "resources/public/out"
                 :verbose true}}]})

(defrecord Figwheel []
  (start [config]
    (ra/start-figwheel! config)
  (stop [config]
    ;; you may want to restart other components but not Figwheel
    ;; consider commenting out this next line if that is the case

(defn handler [request]
  {:status  200
   :headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain"}
   :body    "Hello World"})

(def system
    :app-server (jetty-server {:app {:handler handler}, :port 3000})
    :figwheel   (map->Figwheel figwheel-config))))

(defn start []
  (swap! system component/start))

(defn stop []
  (swap! system component/stop))

(defn reload []

(defn repl []

Again you can run this script as so:

$ rlwrap lein run -m clojure.main --init script/figwheel.clj  -r

As you can see with humble beginnings you can build up arbitrary functionality.

Please see Daniel Szmulewicz's excellent system which is a set of helpful components

If you are using nREPL, launching the ClojureScript REPL requires that you have Piggieback installed. Please see the section above titled "Editor REPLs and nREPL"

Please note that when you stop the Figwheel server, http-kit throws a java.util.concurrent.RejectedExecutionException, this is expected

Read more about the clojure.main command line options

Read more about component

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