Figwheel Demo

Discover the basic concept of Figwheel by experimenting with the flappy birds demo project

Figwheel Flappy Birds

Clone the flappy bird demo from Github:

git clone

Change into the flappy-bird-demo directory on the command line and run:

lein figwheel

In your browser, open http://localhost:3449/index.html and once flappy birds has loaded, open your browsers development tools / console

In your editor, open src/flappy_bird_demo/core.cljs and make changes to the code.

As soon as you save your code you see the changes in the browser window. You will also see the ClojureScript logo briefly display in the browser window, to indicate that the new changes have been added

Image of browser window with Cljs logo signifying a change is being made

Make sure you open your browser's development console so you can get feedback about code reloads.

Hint Place your browser window and code editor window side by side so you can see the changes as you save them. The changes should apply instantly.

Suggested changes

Try and change some of the following aspects of the game

  • the Start and Restart button names
  • remove the start button
  • the size and speed of the birds bounce (based on a sine wave)
  • the jump velocity of the bird
  • turn off collision detection
  • stop the rendering of the pillars
  • the gap between the pillars

Some suggested changes have been added to a Github Gist of the ClojureScript code.

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