Editor REPLs & nREPL

You may want a REPL in your editor. This makes it much easier to ship code from your buffer to be evaluated.

If you use lein repl or something that invokes it like CIDER, you are using nREPL. A ClojureScript REPL will not just run over an nREPL connection without Piggieback.

If you are just starting out I would use the Figwheel console REPL because it's aready set up and ready to go, complexity conquered!

If you want to integrate a REPL into your editor, here are my top recommendations:


  • use inf-clojure as described on the wiki page
  • alternatively use Cider and nREPL. Using the ClojureScript REPL over an nREPL connection is considered advanced

Cursive: use the instructions on the wiki page

Vi: use tmux mode to interact with the figwheel REPL, still trying to get a wiki page for this if you can help that would be great

If you are going to use nREPL with Figwheel please see:

Using Figwheel within NRepl

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