Client-side Config

Make sure you have setup an html file to host your cljs. For example you can create this resources/public/index.html file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <div id="main-area">
    <script src="js/example.js" type="text/javascript"></script>   

Client side configuration options

Instead of setting :figwheel true in your cljsbuild configuration you can pass a map of options as below:

:cljsbuild {
  :builds [ { :id "example" 
              :source-paths ["src/"]

              ;; put client config options in :figwheel
              :figwheel { :websocket-host "localhost" 
                          :on-jsload "example.core/fig-reload"}

              :compiler {  :main "example.core"
                           :asset-path "js/out"
                           :output-to "resources/public/js/example.js"
                           :output-dir "resources/public/js/out"
                           :optimizations :none } } ]

The following configuration options are available:

;; configure a websocket host, figwheel already knows the port
;; this is helpful if you want to broadcast to devices
:websocket-host "localhost" ;; or "", ""

;; An important configuration option for :websocket-host
;; if you set it to :js-client-host it will set the host based on the
;; js/ param of the browser
;; This is helpful for multiple device settings where you are using
;; fighweel to serve your app.
;; :websocket-host :js-client-host

;; optional callback
:on-jsload "example.core/fig-reload"

;; if you want to do REPL based development and not have
;; have compiled files autoloaded into the client env
:autoload false

;; The heads up display is enabled by default to disable it: 
:heads-up-display false

;; when the compiler emits warnings figwheel blocks the loading of files.
;; To disable this behavior:
:load-warninged-code true

Whole files will be reloaded on change so we have to make sure that we write reloadable code.

Please check out the example project in the example directory.

To see all the client side config options look here.

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