Using the REPL

Since all code evaluated in the REPL actually runs on the browser, we have some powerful tools at our disposal. For example, we can take our app-state to places our UI interface can't easily reach to test for edge cases. Imagine that there might be a problem when the counter displays a 5 digit number after a number of things happened. Would you do those things and then click 10000 times on "Thumbs up"?

Pro-tip: use rlwrap

You'll get a much better REPL experience if you install rlwrap and run rlwrap lein figwheel

you can install rlwrap on OSX with brew install rlwrap

Start the REPL and go to the hello-seymore.core namespace

> (in-ns 'hello-seymore.core)

Then change app-state to whatever number you want to test and check it on the browser:

> (reset! app-state {:likes 10000})
{:likes 10000}

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