This workshop will use LightTable to help you discover Clojure.

I have found LightTable to be one of the best tools to help you learn Clojure, especially the highly interactive Instarepl that evaluates your Clojure code as you type.

LightTable is a modern development tool that supports Clojure, ClojureScript, JavaScript and Python languages. The tool is open source and written in Clojure & ClojureScript (with a little JavaScript & CSS)

Note Install Lighttable from

Linux Extract the contents of the downloaded lighttable file to a suitable directory (/usr/local or /opt or ~/apps). Make sure the LightTable file in the extracted folder is accessible via the system $PATH.

MacOSX Install the lighttable.dmg file just as any other MacOSX package

Windows Download the windows zip file for LightTable and extract the installer, following the instructions inside the installer.

Using LightTable

LightTable has an online tutorial entitled Getting started with LightTable

Comment I mainly use the Instarepl in LightTable. I create a project first with Leiningen, open the project directory in the LightTable workspace and oopen any files I want to work with. I then connect the open editor window for the file to an Instarepl.

fixme my approach is documented in the quick demo section of my Clojure & LightTable slides from JAXLondon 2013. This should be pulled into this workshop into its own section

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