A button is created using the hiccup syntax. A button is a type of input.

TODO: what are all the button options?

(defn on-click-function []

(defn reagent-component-funciton
  [:input {:type "button"
           :value "Thumbs Up!"
           :on-click (on-click-function)}]

When this button is clicked on the function on-click is called.

The on-click function should be called after the data you are creating or changing.

:on-click in-line anonymous function

Instead of calling a named function, you can define an anonymous function. The longer this anonymous function becomes, the more it should be changed to a named function.

[:input {:type "button"
   :value "Thumbs Up!"
   :on-click (fn [] ,,,) ])

Or using the syntax sugar for an anonymous function you can use #()

[:input {:type "button"
   :value "Thumbs Up!"
   :on-click #(,,,)])

Use syntax sugar and anonymous functions sparingly

To keep the code as readable as possible, use named functions as the default approach for click handlers. If the on-click function is very short then its more acceptable to use an anonymous function instead.

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