Strings in Clojure

While you can use the Java-like function println, this is refered to as a side-effect because when you call this function it returns nil. The actual text is output to the REPL or console.

Here is a very simple xeample

(println "Hello, whats different with me?  What value do I return")

=> "Hello, whats different with me"
=> nil

In Clojure, you are more likely to use the str function when working with strings.

(str "Hello, I am returned as a value of this expression")

=> Hello, I am returned as a value of this expression

You can see that there are no side-effects when using str and the string is returned as the value of the function call.

Its easy to join strings together with the str function

(str "Hello" ", " "HackTheTower UK")

=> Hello, HackTheTower UK

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