Defining Funtions

Here is a simple function definition that takes a number and divides it by two

(defn half-a-number 
      "Divide a given number by 2"
      (/ number 2))

Once you have defined a function, you can call it by using the function name as the first element of a list

(half-a-number 4)

Breaking down the defn syntax

The syntax defn is what we call a macro, it is a simpler way to write clojure code that does the same thing.

You can think of defining a function with defn as two steps

1) Give the function a name - using the def syntax 2) Define the functions behaviour and arguments it takes - using the fn syntax

Here is the same function if you typed it out in full

(def half-a-number
      (fn [number]
        (/ number 2)))

fixme is it too soon to show macroexpand ?

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