Control Flow

If this then that, else the other

Using the if funtion you can test if an expression evaluates to true. If it is true, the first value is returned, if its false the second value is returned.

Here is a simple example to see if one number is bigger that another

(if (> 3 2) "Higher" "Lower")

=> "Higher"
(fn [x]
      (if (even? x)
        (inc x)
        (dec x)))
(doc if)
(doc if-not)


(when ( (when (> 3 2)
      (println "3 is greater than 2")

=> 3 is greater than 2
=> "Higher"

You can use Lighttable to see the docs for a function by placing the cursor over the function name and pressing Cntrl-d - or search the Clojure docs in the command window

(doc when)
(doc when-not)

Conditional - Case

(case (inc 3)
         3 "Uh oh"
         4 "Yep!"
         "Not so sure...")
         (= 4 (inc 2)) "(inc 2) is 4"
         (= 4 (/ 8 2)) "Cond picks the first correct case"
     (zero? (- (* 4 2) 8) "This is true, but we won't get here"
         :otherwise "None of the above."
"Cond picks the first correct case"
(doc cond)
(doc condp)

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