Requiring Namespaces

A test namespace has a singular purpose to test a matching application namespace. Therefore the idiomatic approach is to :refer specific functions from clojure.test as those functions are used.

The namespace to be tested is referred using the alias SUT meaning system under test.

Clojure Unit Testing - require software under testa using SUT alias

The alias highlight the exact functions being tested in the body of the code. This provides a visual way to separate functions under test with other test functions, especially if there are helper functions or vars used for test data.

Clojure Unit Testing - using SUT alias

In the above example it is easy to see which namespaces the functions being tested are from. The dictionary namespace is a source of data for those tests.

(require '[clojure.test :refer [are deftest is testing]])

The namespace under test should be referred, typically using the alias SUT for software under test.

(require '[practicalli.playground :as SUT])

Add clojure.test to the namespace definition along with the namespace under test.

  (:require '[clojure.test :refer [are deftest is testing]]
             [ :as SUT]))

SUT alias - system under test

The alias SUT, meaning system under test, is a common convention in software testing. Using the SUT alias makes it easier for developers to see which functions from the application are being tested at a glance.

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