Who uses Clojure

Hundreds of companies actively advertised their Clojure adoption. Given the broad participation in user groups there are clearly many more organizations using Clojure at some level in their technology stack.

A quick scan of various job sites shows Clojure positions at companies like Walmart, Facebook, Staples, Consumer Reports, Salesforce, and Amazon. It doesn't get much more mainstream than that.

If you are looking for a new role using Clojure or other functional programming languages, visit Functional Works, the only Functional Recruiters in the world.

Here is just a small and diverse set of example companies that I am aware of that use Clojure for development.

Company Type of applications
Boeing Boeing 737 MAX - onboard maintenance
Puppet Labs DevOps apps & services e.g. trapperkeeper
Cisco Malware analysis & threat intelligence platform (expert system with core.logic)
Deuche Bank (UK) Processing event streams from Apache Storm
Atlassian Collaborative editing platform for all their products
Netflix Map-Reduce languages for writing apps for Hadoop / Pig
USwitch (UK) Creating meaningful data from multiple sources
Daily Mail Online (UK) Publishing pipeline
Circle CI (USA) Front-end of CI server in ClojureScript & test suite
CitiGroup Financial Trading
Student Loans company (UK) Loans management system written in Clojure
LinkedIn Powers the LinkedIn social graph
Walmart (USA) eReceipts project to process every purchase from 5,000+ stores
SwiftKey (UK) Predictive intelligence platform (possibly used with Microsoft Cortana)
Roomkey.co.uk Hotel booking system to rival Expedia (with a tiny development team)
Funding Circle (UK & USA) Adopting Clojure as their main language (from Ruby, etc)
Braintree Payment processing pipeline with Kafka
Mastodon C Data centre analysis (Incanta, Storm)
Thoughtworks Agile development for Client projects world wide
Vero Insurance (AUS) Rebuilt policy management system in Clojure with Thoughworks
Meta-X Performance art (Overtone, Quil)
Salesforce (USA) Build & deployment with Puppet & Application Routing with nginx-clojure

There are many more examples of projects on the HackerNews thread: Ask HN: Who's using Clojure in Production

Tech Radar

Clojure is also defined as a technology that can be adopted since 2014, according to the Thoughtworks technology radar.

Thoughtworks Technology Radar

JUXT also created its own Clojure specific technology radar as there is such an encompassing ecosystem of libraries and services.

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