Troubleshooting the REPL

There are a number of reasons a REPL process may not start.

All code in the project must compile and be syntactically correct, even if that code is in a rich (comment ,,,) block.

A Clojure expression following a Reader comment, #_ does not have to compile, however it must be syntactically correct, i.e. balanced parentheses.

Things to try if the REPL process does not start.

Create a new project

Creating a new project is a fast way to check development tooling is working correctly.

If a REPL process starts correctly for a new project but not the existing project, then its most likely one or more expressions in the existing project that are causing an error.

Dependency issues

Projects typically depend on many other libraries and sometimes those libraries depend on other libraries too.

clojure -Spath
clojure -Stree
  • Create a maven repository that has a copy of all the libraries for a project

Editor wont start REPL

Use the command line

Something in the development tooling may be faulty

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