Organizing the instrumentation of functions

Instrumenting functions creates a wrapper around the original function definition.

When you change the function definition and evaluate the new code, it replaces the instrumentation of the function. Therefore each time a function is redefined it should be instrumented.

There is no specific way to manage instrumenting a function, however, a common approach is to define a collection of functions to instrument, then use a helper function to instrument all the functions at once.

Bind a name to the collection of function specifications.

(def ^:private function-specifications

Define a simple helper function to instrument all the functions in the collection.

(defn instrument-all-functions
  (spec-test/instrument function-specifications))

Refactoring the code may involve a number of changes benefit from instrumentation being switched off until its complete. The unstrument function will remove instrumentation from all the functions in the collection.

(defn unstrument-all-functions
  (spec-test/unstrument function-specifications))

Koacha Test Runner

Koacha test runner can manage the testing of function specifications and is especially useful for managing unit level testing with specifications.

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