SpaceVim and vim-fireplace

SpaceVim uses vim-fireplace to provide a simple Clojure development experience that runs very quickly.

SpaceVim and vim-fireplace - Clojure project and REPL

Starting a REPL

Open a Clojure file, either deps.edn, project.clj, or a source code file (.clj, .cljs, .cljc)

, s i to start the Clojure REPL f

, s b to evaluate the code in a source code buffer

, s l to evaluate the top-level expression under the cursor

TODO: restart a REPL ? Stop/Start SpaceVim

Making changes

Parens matching happens automatically, so adding a ( will also add the closing ). The same for [ and {.

Typing Clojure function names will show a pop-up menu with auto-completion options.

SpaceVim autocompletion

Live linting is configured in the Practicalli configuration example and continually runs clj-kondo on the code as you type.

SpaceVim Linting Clojure

Structured Editing

Buffer management

SPC b menu provides commands to manage buffers. A buffer is open as a vim tab and all tabs are displayed along the top.

Version control

General commands for version control

SPC ' opens a shell in the directory of the current buffer. Run git init to create a local repository.

SPC g . is the transient menu

w to stage, u to unstage

c with popup, C to commit directly

l shows the git log

D to see diff of unstaged hunks

F pull from remote repository with popup

P push to remote repository with popup

See VersionControl layer keybindings for more commands

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