Atom and ProtoREPL user guide

A simplified user guide to get you started quickly and a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Please take a look at the ProtoREPL documentation for a detailed guides.

Start a Local Clojure REPL

Ctrl-Shift-a to add a Clojure project to Atom. This should be a project created with Leiningen.

Open the project.clj file and add the latest proto-repl library as a dependency

Ctrl-Shift-p to pop-up the Command Palette (cmd-shift-p) and select Proto REPL: Toggle

ctrl-alt-, e will exit the REPL, (i.e. once you have finished the workshop).

Connecting to a Remote REPL

Proto REPL can connect to a Clojure REPL started with Leiningen on the command line.

Ctrl-Alt-, y and enter the hosts and port number from the already running REPL.

Alternatively, use Ctrl-Shift-p to pop-up the Command Palette (cmd-shift-p) and select Proto REPL: Remote Nrepl Connection. Enter the host and port of the REPL to establish the connection.

Evaluating Code

Code can be evaluated in a Clojure file or the REPL window.

shift+enter to evaluate code typed in the REPL window. The REPL maintains a history of the code typed in and can be navigated by using the up and down arrow keys.

ctrl-alt-, b evaluates an expression (a block of code)

ctrl-alt-, s evaluates a selected area of code

ctrl-alt-, f evaluates the whole Clojure file

Changing the REPL Namespace

Change the REPL namespace to get access to the functions in that namespace.

Place your cursor in the namespace definition, (ns my-namespace ,,,)

ctrl-alt-, b evaluates the namespace expression and change the REPL to this new namespace.

Keybindings and Events

Keyboard shortcuts below refer to using ctrl-alt-, then a letter. This means press the ctrl key and the comma key at the same time, release them, and then press the subsequent letter.

Keybinding Action
ctrl-alt-, L Starts the REPL
ctrl-alt-, shift-L Starts the REPL using the current open project.clj
ctrl-alt-, y Connects to a remote nREPL session.
ctrl-alt-, j Starts a self hosted REPL.
ctrl-alt-, e Exits the REPL
ctrl-alt-, k Clears REPL Output
ctrl-alt-shift-, s Enables/Disables autoscrolling the REPL
ctrl-alt-, b Sends the current block of Clojure code to the REPL for execution.
ctrl-alt-, B Sends the current top-level block of Clojure code to the REPL for execution.
ctrl-alt-, s Sends the selected text to the REPL for execution.
ctrl-alt-, f Loads the current file in the repl.
ctrl-alt-, r Runs the user/reset function. See Clojure Workflow, Reloaded
ctrl-alt-shift-, r Clears all loaded namespaces using the runs the user/reset function.
ctrl-alt-, p Pretty prints the last value returned at the REPL.
ctrl-alt-, x Runs all the tests in the current namespace.
ctrl-alt-, t Runs the test that has a name under the cursor.
ctrl-alt-, a Runs all the test in the current project.
ctrl-alt-, d Prints the documentation of a var under the cursor.
ctrl-alt-, c Prints out the code of the var under the cursor.
ctrl-alt-, o Opens the code of the var or namespace under the cursor. This works even with vars defined in libraries.
ctrl-alt-, n Lists the vars in the namespace under the cursor.
ctrl-alt-shift-, n Lists the vars in the namespace under the cursor with documentation.
shift-ctrl-c Attempts to interrupt the currently running command in the REPL.
ctrl-alt-shift-, i Inserts a call to proto/save with a unique id
ctrl-alt-shift-, d Displays values saved using the proto/save function.
ctrl-alt-shift-, c Clears previously saved values using the proto/save function.

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