Clojure Editors: Quick User Guides

User guides that cover the essential ways of using Clojure aware editors, to get you up and running with the minimum of reading. See the official websites for more extensive details.

Quick start guides Detailed guides
Atom and ProtoREPL quick start
Atom & Proton quick start Proton Manual
VSpaceCode & Calva quick start
VSCode & Calva quick start Calva - How to use
Spacemacs quick start & Practicalli Spacemacs book Spacemacs documentation
NeoVim & Conjure quick start Conjure
SpaceVim & Fireplace User Guide SpaceVim Documentation
vim-iced Vim-iced quick-start
IntelliJ & Cursive Cursive quick start

Clojure aware editors and REPL process

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