Help at the REPL

rebel readline provides tools to help you discover and use functions from clojure.core and any other libraries you add to the REPL.

:repl/help will show all the commands available for rebel readline

TAB to autocomplete the current characters into a function name. All functions that match the characters will be show, allowing quick discovery of functions available. Typing in the first few characters of a function and press

Clojure REPL rebel readling - autocompletion

Moving the cursor after the name of a function will show the signatures available, so the correct arguments can be used with the function call.

Clojure REPL rebel readline - function signature help

Ctrl-x Ctrl-D or using the function clojure.repl/doc function will show the documentation for functions, so you can understand the functions purpose.

Clojure REPL rebel readline - doc function showing a function docstring

rebel commands

Type :repl/help or :repl TAB to see a list of available commands.

Keybinding Description
:repl/help Prints the documentation for all available commands.
:repl/key-bindings search or list current key bindings
:repl/quit Quits the REPL
:repl/set-color-theme Change the color theme :dark-screen-theme :light-screen-theme
:repl/set-key-map Change key bindings to given key-map, :emacs :vicmd :viins
:repl/toggle-color Toggle ANSI text coloration on and off
:repl/toggle-completion Toggle the completion functionality on and off
:repl/toggle-eldoc Toggle the auto display of function signatures on and off
:repl/toggle-highlight Toggle readline syntax highlighting on and off
:repl/toggle-indent Toggle the automatic indenting of Clojure code on and off


Keybinding Description
Ctrl-C aborts editing the current line
Ctrl-D at the start of a line => sends an end of stream message
TAB word completion or code indent when cursor in whitespace at the start of line
Ctrl-X_Ctrl-D Show documentation for word at point
Ctrl-X_Ctrl-S Show source for word at point
Ctrl-X_Ctrl-A Show apropos for word at point
Ctrl-X_Ctrl-E Inline eval for SEXP before the point

Examine key-bindings with the :repl/key-bindings command.

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