clj-kondo a linter that sparks joy

clj-kondo is a lint tool that highlights syntactic errors and suggests idioms for Clojure, ClojureScript and EDN.

Use clj-kondo with your preferred editor to warning about errors as you type so issues can be fixed as soon as they occur, enhancing your joy of Clojure.

clj-kondo can also be used as a command line tool for checking projects in development environments and continuous integration service.

Clojure LSP includes clj-kondo

If using Clojure LSP, then a separate local install of clj-kondo is not required.


Follow the clj-kondo install guide for your operating system.

Clj-kondo config contains additional configuration for using clj-kondo with libraries that extend the Clojure language via macros.

clj-kondo in Spacemacs

clj-kondo in Spacemacs

clj-kondo configuration should not be enabled if using the lsp layer, unless cider is configured as the backend server in the clojure layer.

clj-kondo with GitHub actions

Add clj-kondo linting to continuous integration workflow.

clj-kondo with GitHub actions

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