Clojure LSP

The Language Server Protocol provides a standard set of tools that are used to developer any programming language. These tools are typically provides with a language specific server.

clojure-lsp is an implementation of an LSP server, for Clojure and ClojureScript languages.

Clojure LSP example screenshot


Follow your preferred option on the Clojure LSP installation guide

Practicalli downloads the file from GitHub release page and extracts the clojure-lsp binary to ~/.local/bin/clojure-lsp.

clojure-lsp -v in a terminal will test if the the install is working.

Editors may install Clojure LSP for you

Spacemacs LSP layer will prompt to install clojure-lsp when first opening a Clojure related file. VSCode Calva plugin included clojure-lsp.


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