Clojure Data Browsers

Clojure has a strong focus on using the built in data structures (list, vector, hash-map, set) to represent information in the system. Tools to inspect data and browse through nested or large data sets is invaluable in understanding what the system is doing.

There are many clojure.core functions that can be used to explore data structures and transform them to produce specific views on data.

tap> and datafy are recent additions to Clojure that provide a more elegant way of exploring data than the classic println statement.

New tools are being created to capture and visualize results from evaluated expressions (REBL, Reveal) as well as tools to specifically visualize tap> expressions (Reveal, Portal).

Common approaches

  • Clojure functions (TODO)
  • Editor data browsers (cider-inspect, etc.)
  • Reveal repl with data browser, also a tap> source (new project)
  • Portal - tool to navigate your data (new project)
  • Clojure inspector (Java Swing based inspector)

Specific cases

Cognitect REBL data browser has been developed to assist with Datomic Clojure database development.

Cognitect provides the REBL data browser as part of the Cognitect dev-tools

Sign-up and personal repository code required

Sign-up to the Cognitect dev-tools license which will email a user specific maven configuration, which must be added as a new server entry under servers in ~/.m2/settings.xml and as a provider entry in ~/.clojure/deps.edn

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