Hotload libraries into a Clojure Editor

Hotload libraries in a Clojure editor

Connect or jack-in to a Clojure REPL which is configured with the add-libs branch of tools.deps.alpha added as a dependencies via an alias.

Use a rich comment block or a dev/user.clj file to require the namespace and write add-libs expressions to hot-load libraries.

Rich Comment Block

A rich comment block ensures add-libs code is only evaluated manually by a developer.

  (require '[ :refer [add-libs]])
  (add-libs '{http-kit/http-kit {:mvn/version "2.5.1"}})

Clojure LSP snippets

Snippets provided by Clojure LSP include rich-comment-hotload, to add a rich comment block with a require for and an add-libs expression, making it very quick to add this code.

deps-maven and deps-git snippets help ensure the correct syntax is used for the add-libs expression for each library dependency to be added.

Hotload Example - a simple web server

Create a web server from scratch, serving pages generated from hiccup, with all libraries hot-loaded as the code is being written. Demonstrates that it is possible to write an application when only starting the REPL once.

  ;; run REPL with :lib/hotload alias
  (require '[ :refer [add-libs]])

  ;; hotload the libraries required for the server
    '{http-kit/http-kit {:mvn/version "2.5.1"}})
  ;; => (http-kit/http-kit)

  ;; Require the namespace from the http-kit library
  (require '[org.httpkit.server :as app-server])

   ;; Define a handler for http requests
  (defn welcome-page
    {:status  200
     :body    "Welcome to the world of Clojure CLI hotloading"
     :headers {}})

  ;; Start the application server with the handler
  (app-server/run-server #'welcome-page {:port (or (System/getenv "PORT") 8888)})

  ;; Visit http://localhost:8888/ to see the welcome-page

  ;; Hotload Hiccup to generate html for the welcome page
  (add-libs '{hiccup/hiccup {:mvn/version "2.0.0-alpha2"}})

  (require '[hiccup.core :as hiccup])
  (require '[ :as hiccup-page])

  ;; Create a page template
  (defn page-template [content]
      {:lang "en"}
      [:head (hiccup-page/include-css "")]
       [:section {:class "hero is-info"}
        [:div {:class "hero-body"}
         [:div {:class "container"}
          [:h1 {:class "title"} (:title content) ]
          [:p {:class "subtitle"} (:sub-title content)]]]]]))

  ;; Check the page template returns HTML
  (page-template {:title     "Hotload Libraries in the REPL"
                  :sub-title "REPL driven development enables experimentation with designs"})

  ;; redefine the welcome page to call the page template
  (defn welcome-page
    {:status  200
     :body    (page-template {:title     "Hotload Libraries in the REPL"
                              :sub-title "REPL driven development enables experimentation with designs"})
     :headers {}})

  ;; Visit http://localhost:8888/ and refresh the page to see the new welcome-page

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