Content plan for Clojure WebApps book

Thanks to the support from Clojurists Together the Clojure WebApps book is being updated to add more content and cover more libraries.

Content will also move to using Clojure CLI tools and deps.edn projects, although the Leiningen content will remain available.

Proposed content topics for the book update

Topics Related projects and implementations
Fundamentals ring and compojure based web applications, covering routing, handlers, middleware, etc.
Building API's compojure-api template, openapi (swagger), prismatic schema, transit, jsonista
Consuming API's* , edn, transit, jsonista
HTML content and templates Hiccup and Selmer
Web Scraping Enilve and*
Full Stack apps Luminus template, ClojureScript UI,
Data access, migrations,
High Performance http-kit
Alternative libraries Yada, Bidi, Reitit
Component Lifecycle mount, component, integrant, roll your own
Data Oriented service design Reitit, Duct, Edge
UI design and styling CSS libraries (bulma, bootstrap, foundation), SVG graphics

Project ideas

Ideas for projects to implement are most welcome

  • Dependency graph using SVG graphics
  • TODO / Kanban application
  • Status monitor (SVG Graphics)
  • User Management website (demonstrating how to make this usable for other projects)
  • Content API for video (targeted searching for finding very specific content on YouTube)
  • Financial services API's - online banking, personal insurance, stock tracking (mock stocks)
  • API's for a mobile application - Scoreboards, chat boards, rewards, profiles, evil chat bots

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